Tasks and projects

Desktop and to-do list

Desktop comprises three widgets: to-do list, scheme of ticket distribution by statuses and project list. Of course, the most important is the to-do list: the necessary tickets can be selected and ordered in an appropriate way (simply by clicking and dragging them). When new messages and tickets, for which you are the responsible person, appear they will be added to the New tickets block. From there, they can be dragged to the To-Do List or deleted from the New tickets list (the ticket itself will not be deleted).

A project is the tasks which it comprises

Any job consists of several tasks, especialy when we talk about project management. For an efficient project management and decision making process it is necessary to have at least two monitoring views – by projects and by people, that is

- viewing tasks of a particular project, grouped by responsible persons (projects), and

- viewing tasks assigned to a particular person (for all of the projects), grouped by projects (tasks)

By default all tasks are present in the to-do list. You can choose a particular project from the All Tasks menu and review only the tasks associated with this project. It is not the only way of choosing a task: you can create an alternative classification of tasks using tags and review, for example, tasks by design from all projects. Or you can first choose a project and then a tag.

Tasks which have messages are highlighted as New indicated the number of new messages. Tasks requiring your attention are marked red.

Useful features of the qTrack system:

  • There are various filter options for the to-do list.
  • Color indicators system will always be there to tell you what action you need to take at this particular stage of the task fulfillment:
    • Green means you were the last to reply in this task discussion, that is a question was asked from the Customer
    • Red means you are required to give a reply at this particular stage of task discussion.
    • Yellow means a member from your team is the responsible person, not you, that is the task needs requires action from your team.
    • Yellow with the c letter means you are on copy in some task discussion. Thus, you can review any task discussion.
  • Each task has a number beside it, which indicates one of the four stage of its fulfillment process.
  • If the task name is marked as bold, this means there new message in the task discussion.
  • You can drag your mouse over a task to view a pop-up with tags assigned to this task.