Profile and address book

User profile

You can fill in your profile which will be available to all colleagues who you interact with.

When writing a message to some person, this person will appear in your address book and you will appear in his/her address book. The contact details will be taken from the respective profile (highlighted in grey). If a user changes his/her profile data, the respective details in the address book will be updated automatically.

You can also fill in your new contact fields manually, then they will not be updated (highlighted in black).

Useful features of the qTrack system:

  • All the necessary information about your contacts is presented in one table
  • You may search by any field of the address book, the result list will be updated dynamically by AJAX after entering each new symbol, just some symbols from a surname or a company name will be enough to find the right person.
  • Users with whom you have correspondance are automatically added to you address book

Adding a new contact to the address book.

Useful features of the qTrack system:

  • If a user is already registered in the system, when you add him/her to your address book all the information from his/her profile will be loaded automatically.