Working with e-mail accounts

Creating a ticket using a message

qTrack may not only send messages and allows to reply to other messages fr om within the system, it also allows to create a ticket using a message.

Registered users may send (and forward) messages to qTrack and create a ticket (a message may be sent from the e-mail address which is the registered e-mail of the user in qTrack to

Your e-mail accounts on qTrack

If you use the corporate edition you can even create your own e-mail accounts on qTrack and add rules to them!


Receiving messages from a Customer
You can customize rules like "assign messages from specified senders to a project and assign a responsible person". This will allow a Customer to send questions and comments without even entering the qTrack interface, wh ere will be assigned a responsible person. No question will be lost and left with a reply, the appropriate order of priority can easily be maintained and any task can be re-assigned to another person.

This approach is especially convenient for organizing the Technical Support, but it will also be useful at different stages of fulfilling a project.

Each project has its own account
An alternative way is to create one account for each project, that is you can create several accounts like ""

Creating tickets with a message is convenient for everybody, the best result, however, is achieved when everybody uses e-mails and the system interface. It is easy to simply send a message into the system right after a new ticket appears and use the system interface to track the status of its solution.