Task (ticket) creation

Task (ticket) creation

A task and a letter (an e-mail) are one thing in qTrack, it is called a ticket. Creating a ticket is pretty much like a writing a letter: you should put in a subject, a recipient (responsible person) and the text of your task. It is not required to register your task recipient – you only need to put in his/her e-mail address.

After creating a ticket the responsible person will receive a simple letter, the letter sender will then become the ticket author. qTrack allows to work through e-mails without using the system interface – this might be very convenient for the clients. You simply reply to a letter fr om qTrak, wh ereas your response will be added to the ticket.

The ticket recipient will be automatically registered in the qTrack system and will be able to enter the system using a special link with hash parameters from the letter.

Creating a task by a letter and your e-mail accounts in qTrack

A ticket (or a task) in qTrack may be created not only from the qTrack interface, but also by sending a letter to (for registered users).

Also, you can create customized e-mail accounts in qTrack (for example, and configure rulles for incoming messages (a ticket will be created for every message). For example, messages from specified accounts (some client) can be automatically assigned to a project and a responsible person. More information

Task discussion

Task discussion inside qTrack is not more difficult than topic discussion on a forum.

The key functionality of qTrack is sending internal (private) messages inside one ticket.

Below is a task discussion from the point of view of the Executor. He/she may utilize private messaging system in order to send a message to another employee or a third party colleague.

When choosing a responsible person from the list of contacts you may either choose an external group (the task will be assigned to the default responsible person in that group) or to another person from your group.

Useful features of the qTrack system:

  • User whose electronic address enters the task discussion for the first time is automatically registered by the system and will be able to continue working directly through the qTrack interface.
  • It is not necessary to enter repetitive data manually while working with the e-mail address fields, the system will do it for after the first entrance.
  • You may customize your messages using a visual text editor which supports hot keys (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+S).
  • You may quickly choose one the four phases of the task fulfillment process when adding a new message, thus, simplyfing the very process.
  • You may also add tags to a particular task which will help you find quickly the most urgent tasks.
  • Of course, any document can be attached to all of your messages.
  • When necessary, a new participant can be easily added to the task discussion.
  • A new participant can be invited to the task discussion privately, without letting the task author know it.
  • Interestingly, the task author may close the task thus making it closed for all of the participants. On the other hand, if someone else deletes the task from his/her task list, that the will be deleted for this person only.