Manage tasks and projects

Start working effeciently right away!

Installation and configuration are not required. qTrack is absolutely ready for work after a simple registration (registration of other participants is not required!) Basic version of the Service is provided free of charge. Go to registration

Use qTrack to work with collegues, clients and partners.

Setting up a task can be done without registering the task recipient. It is not required to teach and agree upon the cooperation scheme – using the traditional e-mail service is just enough.

Creating a new task is not different from creating a new letter, just put in a subject, an e-mail address of the recipient and the body of the task.The targeted person will receive a notification to his/her e-mail and a reference to the ticket (task in qTrack). The user is logged in qTrack by following the link.

The task is not simply a message with a task. It is a discussion band (just like any topic on a forum), which makes it easy to keep all the information on the task in one place and to understand quickly the discussion history. Now you have all your moves registered!

Set up a real team project!

Each team in a project (Executor, Customer, Partners etc.) sees tickets et internal messages fr om other members of his/her team. When it is necessary (for example, when a task is solved and there is a question), transfer the task to another team and discuss its solution.

System of internal messaging inside a particular task allows to discuss this task within your team without other participants being involved (task author, customer, director) and provide an answer once the appropriate solution is found. Learn more about the possibilities of project management

Build up a social network of your business

When there is a new participant in the task discussion, his/her profile will become available to all other participants of the discussion. A new contact will be created in the address book. Thus, a network of real business contacts is created.

Know the current status of the project – prepare your Customer for the acceptance of the job beforehand.

A project comprises different tasks. Assess the readiness of a project by the number of tasks ACCEPTED by the customer, this should help avoid a well-known 20/80 problem (the last 20% of the project require 80% of the available resources) which is often caused by the wrong assessment of the project readiness level (all tasks seem to be fulfilled wh ereas they are actually halfway to be fulfilled).

Know whose time it is to make a move

Status indicator for the task make your work simpler:

– Red – your are responsible (for example, you have received a task and someone responded to your task), there must be someone waiting for your response

– Green – you are not responsible, the Customer (or another team) holds the task

– Yellow – someone from your team holds the task

– Greay – the task is closed

Introduce at low costs

Introduction cost of qTrack is close to zero – in order to take advantage of the system and get the results in less than a week, it is not required to conduct your projects according to the rules right from the start. You may start using qTrack instead of your e-mail first.

Streamline communications inside your team. Unavailability of the manager in charge may become a catastrophe.

As the project tasks are available to all team members, a Specialist may ask the Customer for more details (or vice versa – respond to a question from the Customer) without the manager. The Specialist may not even know the name of the Customer's manager!

Register your colleagues and friends – organize project contacts automatically

Actually, registration is not required. A new user will be added when a new task is created in the system, the responsible person will receive a letter (his/her e-mail should be indicated) with the task details and a link to its page. He/she will get to the task page without authorization following this link! (it is absolutely secure as the link contains hash-parameters for authorization, that is why it is impossible to match the parameters required for viewing the task without the specifically encoded link).

However, if you intend to invite friends into your system, you may do it from the address book by adding a new contact.

Let your project participants feel free what they want to do

Customers, partners or outsourced specialists are often unwilling to study new automation systems – you will be able to cooperate with them in qTrack by using the traditional e-mail, they will receive letters from qTrack on your behalf.

Let the Customer manage his/her project tasks as efficiently as you.

The Customer may create his/her own tasks (unavailable to other teams) within a particular project. Moreover, the Customer may have his/her internal discussions within the same ticket in which there is a private discussion of the Executor team going on.